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            The postman works in the post office. He is a very humble servant of the Government. Even a child knows him when he comes to the house.

            He wears a khaki dress. It is given to him by the Government. When he goes out to perform his duty, he carries a leather bag with him. He keeps letters, money orders, postcards, postage stamps, and parcels in it. In a town, the postman does not take postcards, envelopes, or stamps with him for sale. People have to buy them at the post office.

            The duty of the postman is not easy. He goes from house to house with letters, parcels, money orders, etc., and delivers them to the owners or the addressees. He walks in the street under the midday sun and even in rain and storm. be able to read and write. Formerly the knowledge of the three R's was enough. Now the problem of unemployment has been very keen. Hence fairly educated young men also are accepting the posts of postmen. A postman must be healthy and hard working. A postman is entrusted with much money. If he is not honest, he may spend the money for letters for his own use. Hence he must be an honest man. He may deliver money orders, insured, etc. to the wrong persons through mistake. He will be responsible for this. Hence he has to be very careful in doing his duty. In villages, his work is still more difficult. The village roads are not good. He may be attacked by robbers. They may rob him of the money and even kill him. In the rainy season, it is very difficult for a village postman to perform his duty.

                The postman does very useful work. He brings news from our friends and relations. We always hope that he will bring some good news, and we eagerly wait for him. Sometimes, however, he brings bad news also. Still, we always welcome the postman.

                His work is hard and tedious, but it is an important job. He gets a small pay. Sometimes, some postmen become dishonest and are dismissed by the Government. Once or twice a year, people pay a small sum of money as baksis to an honest postman for his useful work.