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            The newspaper is a very useful thing. At present we find many newspapers in India. But there was no newspaper here before the English came. Some of the newspapers are in English, and some in the different languages of the Indians.

                Newspapers help the progress of a nation. People are eager to know what is going on in the world. They can know this by reading the news. paper. It gives us all sorts of news of our own land as well as of foreign lands. If there is no news Thus sitting papers, we cannot get this news. at home, we can know all the important events not only of India but also of the world. We can know what is taking place in England, America and other countries. It is something like history. In it, we get correct accounts of the present time. If we have to say anything to the public or to the Government, we can do that with the help of newspapers.

            Newspapers help to spread education among the common people. All men cannot receive higher education. But they can know many useful things about their country and the world by reading newspapers. They get new ideas. They can learn to think of their country and try to uplift it. Newspapers also spread knowledge. We can learn about new discoveries and inventions of the world. We can learn about the progress of science and literature. We can learn about our rights and duties. They also teach us how to protect our rights as citizens.

            A newspaper is very useful to merchants. They want to extend their business. They can do so with the help of newspapers. They can advertise their merchandise in the newspapers. People of different places will be able to know of them by reading their advertisements and they will buy them.

The newspaper has great influence over the public. It forms a public opinion on many important matters by supporting or criticizing a policy of the Government. The opinion of the newspaper is taken as the opinion of the public. Thus the newspapers on the one hand mold the views of the people and on the other hand, are mediums to express the views of the people. An honest newspaper sometimes directs the policy of the Government.

Newspapers have a bad side also. They can do harm to us as well. They may foment party feelings. They can excite the people on a wrong cause. They can mislead people if the editors and owners are not honest and upright.

In spite of these faults, newspapers are of use to us. We should, therefore, make it a point to read newspapers. The editor of a newspaper should remember that he has a sacred duty to perform. So he should not abuse his powers.