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 My favorite game is "Kabaddi". I like it most. 

At home, I play this game with my playmates. Two teams, each team of 8 or 10 play this: game. 

At first, a fairly large strip of ground with a line drawn in the middle divides the space. into two. The line is made short by limits, The teams play within the space between limits. 

A Judge is appointed to watch the game. Both teams obey the rules. The Referee conducts the game. 

When the Referee blows the whistle, one player starts playing the space beyond the line with the players of the rival team. 

If he touches a rival player and comes back to the line and then to his friends. without being held up by the rival team, he is safe and the player whom he has touched while playing is declared out. 

But if the player is seized by the rival team before he touches the mid-line, he is declared out. In this way, the game goes on. 

If in the end, all the players of a team are out, this team loses while the other team which has all the players playing wins. 

But at school, we often play football. This is also a game between two teams. Each team has eleven players. In a few bigger Schools Cricket is played. All these are costly games.

Our "Kabaddi" is a game that needs no money. In this game, all the limbs of the body are used. This makes the body strong. Children learn how to obey elders by playing games in order. They also learn how to work in unity.