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The river is a stream of water. It has its rise from a hill or a lake. It flows down into the sea or lake. It does not flow straight. Sometimes it goes under sands and forests. It loses itself in them and comes up again. It flows. by villages, towns, gardens and green meadows.

The river is of great use to man and animals. It helps a village in many ways. Men drink its waters, wash their clothes and clean their vessels.

Fishermen catch fish from it. These fishes are sold in the village and sometimes in the town near it.

It is very helpful to cultivation. It sends out its water to distant fields through canals and waters the crops to bear ripe grain.

A lot of sand is taken by men for use as mortar in making buildings. A river which flows by villages and towns cools the air in summer. Men living on its banks grow in health and keep off diseases. A river in flood leaves a large amount of silt in the field and makes it fertile for large yields. But during the high flood, it looks very dreadful. A river on this occasion makes breaches on its embankments and does a lot of damage to men and crops.

At present, the large swell of water is checked by the dam made across it. The rapid flow of water from a reservoir built very high produces electricity. Thus, the river does much better than evil.