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 Everyone knows the Postman by his dress. He wears a khaki shirt and a pair of half trousers on the body. He has a Khaki turban on his head. A leather belt goes around his waist. 

He carries a leather bag full of letters, money orders, and other articles in it. He gets them from Government.

Duty: - 

The Postman is an early riser. He works hard.

 He goes to the Post Office in the morning.

 All the Postmen are in-charge of beats. They all stand around a big round table A. B. C. D. etc.

 The Postman picks up the letters, money orders and other articles for his beat A. Then he starts his work. 

He goes from house to house. He gives the letters and money to those who are their owners. He is honest in his dealings with the villagers.

 He does not waste his time in useless talks. 

He gets men news of their relatives. So, all like him. 

When he gives money sent by relatives to anyone, he receives his thanks. 

He does not care for the hot sun nor for the rain during the time he is doing his duty. 

He returns home at about 3 P. M. after he has done his duty for his beat. He again attends the Post Office at 5, P. M. and helps the clerk in account checking.

He is our great friend.