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The Post Office is a big building with six to ten rooms. 

The front room is a big office. Here at one place, the Postmaster sits with his clerks.

 At another place in the front row, a clerk sells Postcards, Envelopes, stamps. 

The Savings Bank occupies a large space with 5 or 6 clerks. 

All-round them there are wooden racks full of Registers. 

One clerk makes payment of money to those men who withdraw their money from their deposits. Another clerk counts the money of those who deposited their money. 

At another place, two-three clerks receive Registered letters, Insurances, Parcels. 

At another place in a wing sit two or three clerks. Here men remit money to different places through M. O. Forms clearly filled up.

In a separate spacious room, the Telegraph office is located. There you see a dozen of Clerks working hard at telegraph machines. 

As it is a City Post Office, you will find many officers, clerks and peons working there round the clock.

The Post office is under the Central Government. Work goes on, as if by magic. Here cent per cent accuracy is maintained.