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         The newspaper means paper that bears news of events and affairs. In the olden days, there were few newspapers. A herald from a written sheet of paper read out the events of the day. But later the printing press came into use. Events of the country and countries beyond were printed on papers. These papers served as reports. Sometimes false news finds its way into print. The papers giving false reports are bad and should not be read by the reading public.

        In modern times the Government of countries is conducted by the people themselves. This Government has created many parties. So, a cautious editor ought to take a correct view of the position of parties and bring out a true account of the opinions of the parties.

        The paper leads society to do good for the members. It shows how to leave the wrong path and take up the right line.

        The opinion of the public is borne on its columns. It improves their morals by telling men to follow the line of good leaders.

        The paper carries the views of great lovers of the country and divert men's minds to fight for the country and die for the nation.

        It also tells men that India is a great country. The foreigners have no right to say against her rule by her own people elected by popular votes. These rulers always try to fight in parliament to keep the country in peace and plenty.