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            A market is a meeting place of grain growers, dealers and buyers. Men come here to buy and sell goods. In the olden days, men used to walk miles to buy their goods. This became hard for them. 

The market hums with the noise of more salesmen and customers. Sometimes they quarrel over the quality of goods. But soon this end.

          The market sits at 8 A. M. and breaks up at 8 P. M. There are sweet shops, Groceries, cloth shops, spices in rows. The fish and meat are sold at different places in the market Goods are sold cheap.

        Here friends meet friends. They talk of various things. One sees policemen on the watch. 

        The village market and the town markets are different from each other.

        In the village market, the things of the locality are sold. But things from distant places are brought for sale in the town market.

        The sellers are also different. The village market is set in an open place but the town market is held in a properly enclosed house. It holds many rooms set apart for different kinds of stuff.