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        A library is a place where books are kept. These books are the storehouse of knowledge. In the past, there was no printing press. Hence man's knowledge of the world was small. In course of time printing came and books were printed and read by many.

        The school library is the collection of books which give the pupil a real knowledge of things His textbooks in this respect are poor. This library of books is the record of pasts wisdom.

        There are many almirahs. They are arranged according to the subject. Books on literature go into two or three almirahs. Similarly, Science, Mathematics, History etc. have separate almirahs.

        Children are allowed to use the library. The librarian places on the table the Register of books and the children with the librarian to lend them their choice books.

        A student cannot buy the books he wishes to read. The library meets his wishes. He reads books, newspapers, journals and improves his knowledge and outlook.

        A library plays an important role in the

present education.