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        Children are fond of Sports. Sports are pastimes. Sports like fishing, hunting, boating flying kites etc. are amusements. But among them, kite flying is most dear to them.

        The kite is made of thin paper and bamboo sticks. It is a winter sport. The wind in winter blows from land. It often blows gently. This wind takes the kite high up.) Those children. who has a big reel of thread let their kites fly aloft? The Chinese, Japanese, English and American children are very fond of flying kites. Kites are made in the shape of a fish, snake, bird, insect. They are of many colours, Children who fly kites often try to cut other kites from the thread end utilizing thread made strong by a coating of a mixture of glass powder, gum and rice gruel

        Big boys and young men take delight in kite-flying. Children in India like this pastime most,

        An open grassy ground is fit for children to move about during the flight. Many children are fond of flying kites from the roofs of buildings. This is risky. Many fall down and break their legs and hands.

        Kite-flying helps to correct a child's aim and increase eye-sight.