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        The Great Gandhiji was the light of India. This light never goes out. It will burn high for ages to come. He died in body, but his spirit will ever live to guide his countrymen.

         At the time of his birth, Gandhiji brought delight to his parents and relatives. He was born in a well-to-do family at Pore bunder on the 2nd, October, 369. His father was the Adviser to the ruler of a small state. The truth was all in all to Gandhiji. It was his God. He preached truth-loving among the people. His mother was a saintly lady. She observed all Hindu fasts. This devout lady gave a shape to his character in future. In his childhood days, Gandhiji was shy. He never mixed with children older than him.

        This man in his later youth became a great speaker. He was honest and fearless. Once the Inspector of schools visited his class and asked the children to write down a few words. Gandhiji wrote a word wrongly. The class teacher gave him a hint to copy the correct word from a slate next to him, Gandhiji refused to do it. The Inspector left the class. He (G) explained to the angry teacher that he dared not do a wrong act. On another occasion, he told a lie. His sick father came to know of this. The little boy wrote out on a chit of paper that he had sinned. The boy stood while the father read the content with eyes full of tears. Gandhiji too wept and vowed never to speak untruth.

         During his stay in South Africa, a change came over his life. There were a good many. Indians living there as workers in various fields. The white rulers were ill-treating them for no fault of theirs. This was unjust. Gandhiji organized a struggle against the Whites. All the Indians joined in the struggle. Their efforts led to success. The White rulers came to terms with the Indians.

         In 1914, Gandhiji returned to India. There was the reign of terror there. British rulers started oppressing the people Which was unbearable. Able young men under the leadership of able countrymen determined to drive out the British. The first Great World War was on its way. Despite the ill-treatment of the people by the rulers, Gandhiji helped the British with men and funds. The war came to an end. But the rulers did not grant India self-government. The Indians rise against them. Oppression by the rulers reigned high. Gandhiji could not bear this. He wished the people to put up a hard struggle of disobeying the laws by non-violent means. Gandhiji and thousand others were put in prison. The movement continued unchecked. There came the country's call to "Quit India". Unable to arrest the progress of the struggle for freedom, the wholesale.