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         The farmer is a useful member of human society. Farming is his chief occupation. He knows the land well. The land gives him all he Leeds if he works hard at it.

        The farmer is an early riser. His chief duty in the morning is to feed the bullocks. He Jokes them to the ploughshare and drives them to the field. He goes on doing his work till the Sun is overhead. He then unyokes the tired bullocks to graze. In the meanwhile, he goes to a shaded tree. There he takes his meals brought there by his wife or children. He then spreads his short napkin on the green and lies down for a while. The hot Sun scarcely affect the body protected by the shaded tree. Soon the time comes for him to begin ploughing again. In the evening he drives the bullocks They hear his loud call, return and lick his body. The dumb animals understand what to do. He yokes them again to the plough. They begin their work. In this way, the farmer goes on working till nightfall. He drives the bullocks back home. He feeds them well. He next goes to the Bhagavat Tungi. He meets his fellow workers. All talk of the condition of the present crops. All listen to the priest reading the Puran. Next, they return home, take their meals and go to bed.

        All should love the farmer. He takes care of the field of your crops for us. We should be kind to him.