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         The fair is a meeting of a large crowd of men at a place and at a special time to buy and sell things.

         Before men meet, the sellers put up their articles in rows. One shopkeeper sells rice, pulses, oil, ghee and spices. The fish and meat sellers sell their stuff separately. The vegetable man sells brinjal, potato, plantains, sag, beans etc. The sweet sellers have other sheds where they keep their sweets in tempting like a show on rack galleries. The sweets draw children's attention. The fair sits under a banyan tree. Here friends meet friends, others create new friends.

        Often a river flows by it, men, women and children bathe in the river. They dress. in colourful clothes and go to the temple close by for worship. The fair makes a roaring business. At 8 P.M. the fair closes. The sellers return home with carts loaded with the surplus things. Of all these shops the toy shops fill with many coloured balloons, dolls, toy cars and planes. Here the children buy many. fancy things.