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 The Dashahara or Durga puja goes on is a four-day festival in Autumn. 

On the seventh day, the worship begins in an air of calm and quiet. 

The puja is very dear to the Hindus. 

The eighth day is important. The puja on this day is the holiest of the four pujas done to the goddess.

Old men and women, young men, women' and children visit the clay images every day. The crowd increases on the third and fourth days.

On the day of Dashahara, the images meet. Different drums and vocal instruments are beaten and blown. The rush of men then becomes so great that life becomes unsafe. At 2 P. M., the images are thrown down into the water. 

In this way, the four-day puja ends. 

The crowd still waits here and there for toys, balloons, sweets and other fancy things for their children. Men, women and children by their choice things from the salesman seated in the middle of their shops. The sweet sellers have a busy time. A large crowd enters the sweet dealers. Sometimes most of them make large incomes. The hotels are packed with men. 

Towards the evening the area looks deserted. The four-day rejoicings end in woe.