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 Everyone knows the crow.  

It is black. from head to tail. 

There are white crows in cold countries. 

Very early morning it leaves its nest and flies out in search of food. 

It caws while on the wing and wakes up men to do their day's work. 

The crow does the work of a sweeper. It eats off nasty things in front of the door and leaves it neat and clean. 

Crows have their own languages. If one crow caws differently in pain all the crows fly for help from near places. 

The cawing of the crow is harsh. 

Its sense of smell is sharp. It can fly hundreds of miles a day. It flies over places where rotten dead bodies are lying. 

When a large number of crows caw together on a large tree; it is a sign that they have seen a dreadful big snake or a leopard or a stray wolf. 

A crow's love for the class is very strong. When any of them is in danger or dies, all the crows come to it. Then they caw strangely to let other crows far and near know of the danger. 

They fly all day and return to their nests in the evening.