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 The cow is a useful animal. 

Men keep the cow for her milk.

She is a poor man's wealth. 

The cow eats grass, straw, leaves of some trees. 

Her head is long. On the two sides of the head, there are two long eyes. 

The cow has two pointed horns on either side of the head, these are for hitting back her enemies.

To the Hindus, the cow is as great as a goddess. 

Her milk makes us strong. 

Children are fond of her milk. Ghee, butter, cheese, curd and cakes are made out of it. 

The cow gives birth to a calf at a time. 

Males or bullocks plough the land, draw carts and carry loads. 

Cow-dung makes cakes for fuel. It is used as manure in the soil. This grows plants well.  

A man with some healthy cows is rich.