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Post Card is open communication on a card of prescribed size. It is a thick piece of paper 14 cm long and 9 cm broad.
It was used for the first time during the time of Lord Dalhousie. Its price then was one paisa. From time to time its size and price increased. Now its price is Rs 1.50 and the size is bigger. 
It is sold in the Post Office.
​Post Card is available in two varieties i.e.; Single & reply Post Card. 
Post Cards are used for transmission within India only.​
There are other varieties of Postcards also such as​​​ Printed Post Card and Meghdoot Post Card. Printed Postcards containing communication recorded by printing, cyclostyling or by any other mechanical process.
 In the Meghdoot Post Card, the portion next to the address is available for advertisement in four colours.
 On one side of the card was the space for the address, of the man who gets it. The other side contains the information sent by the sender. The sender writes what he wishes and drops it into a letterbox found at markets. 
All these are collected by the post peon and sent to the addressees through the Railway.