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The name of our school is M. S. Academy. It is at Tirtol in the district of Jagatsinghpur. It was set up in 1945. Its first batch of students took the Matriculation Examination in 1948. Their results were wonderful.

 Now Mr. B. B. Patnaik is the head master of the school. He is very strict. He looks to the all-round development of the school. He teaches English in top classes.

 There are thirty teachers in our school besides the headmaster. They are all trained and experienced teachers.

The school runs in a building. It has classes from six to ten. The classes have three sections each. There are about eight hundred students in our school.

 It has a good library. The library is housed in a big hall with long desks and chairs for the students. It has about twenty thousand books in English, Oriya and Bengali.

The Science laboratory is very close to the teachers' common room. Here we make experiments with the help of our science teacher.

Our school has a big play ground. We play football, cricket, volley ball and other games here.

There is a beautiful flower garden in front of our school. Various kinds of lovely flowers bloom here and they lend charm to the beauty of the school.

 The results of the school both in U.P.C. and H.S.C. Examinations have always been excellent.

 I love my school dearly.