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    The name of our school is the O. T, M, Secondary School. It is managed by the Orissa Textile Mills Ltd. Chowdwar. It is built on an open space near the residential area of Orissa Textile Mills.

    The school building is fairly large. There are three domes along the building. The headmaster’s office is housed under the central dome and the teacher’s common room and the museum are housed under the other two domes. There is a fountain front of the headmaster’s office. The play ground is in front of the school. There is a big compound wall around the school. Our school has a very good supply of modern type of furniture. Each student is supplied with a chair and a table. Our school has a lot of useful scientific and geographical apparatus.

    Our school hag a very good Staff. Sri Baba Baidyanath Panda M A., D. Ed. is our Headmaster. There are twenty teachers in our school. All the teachers of our school are trained. They are all kind and sympathetic. They always help us in our difficulties.

    The system of teaching in our school is very satisfactory. The teachers teach us in an interesting manner. Considerable importance is given to Written work, which the teachers carefully correct. Our Headmaster checks our written work periodically. The headmaster and staff always of us and Our progress. They take proper care of students. So, the results of our school are cent per cent passes.

    Our school has a general library. It has about 6000 valuable books. Besides, we have class libraries, one in each class There are more than 100 books in each class library. We have a reading. room In our school.

    Our school has a large playground. We play volleyball hockey, badminton, ring-tennis, ha-du-du etc.

    Several other activities are organized in our school. They are debates. music, drama, fancy dress etc. The most important event every year in our school is the staging of an Oriya drama, The school also brings out a magazine to which teachers and students contribute articles.

    The special features of our school are uniformity in dress, discipline, tutorial system, brains trust, home diary of students, free education to. the children of the employees of O. T. Mills Ltd.' Kalinga Tubes Ltd., and Kalinga Industries, free midday tiffin to ail the students, discipline board wall museum, wall magazine, regularity record, suggestion b etc.

    Our school is considered by the educationists of India and abroad to be one of the best schools in India. We like it very much.