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                                         OUR SCHOOL

The name of my school is Puri Zilla School. It stands on a good site. It is Very near to the Bay of Bengal. A brick compound wall goes round it. Besides the main gate, it has three other turn gates. These are steps in and out make these gates for One to go out and go in. About three feet away from the wall there are cocoanut trees all round. These trees are on fruits. The income from the fruits is very large. This money goes to the school funds. The school building is like the shape of 'T'. The classes are held in the upper and down floors. The school Hall is very nice and is four times the class room. The roll strength is 700.' There are sections for each class. There are 40 teachers. All are qualified.

Children play games like the football, Ball, Hockey Ball, Badminton and Cricket. Country games are also played.

It is a District Head-quarter school hundred years old, it is one of the best schools in the state of Orissa.

The school garden is very beautiful, it grows flower and fruits of various kinds. The school takes part in N.C.C., Scouting, Red-cross and other outdoor activities.