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    A school is a place where pupils are taught. In our State we have primary and secondary schools where children between 5 and 14 are taught.

    The school I go to is Ravenshaw Collegiate School. the oldest and the premier high school in Orissa. It was set up in 1854 and its founder was Mr. T. E. Ravenshaw, the then Commissioner, Orissa. Hence the school is so named.

    It is situated near the Orissa High Court in Cuttack city and it overlooks the River Kathajodi. It is housed in a lovely brick colour building. To the north of the building lies a large garden with a beautiful statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. We take pride in him as he is a student of this school, was a great freedom fighter of our motherland. In the garden there are lovely flower beds with a lawn at the centre. Flowers of various kinds and colours bloom here round the year and add to the beauty of the school. There is a small playground on the campus. There we play during the recess and in the afternoon. We have also a very large playground about a half kilometre from the school. Here the Annual Sports of the school and other sports meets are held.

    The roll strength of the school is about 700. Most of the pupils are scholarship-holders.  Mr P.C. Mohapatra, who has received the State Award for his meritorious services as a teacher, is the headmaster of our school. There are about 30 other trained teachers in our school. All of them are vastly learned and dedicated teachers. They are all kind arid loving.

    There is perfect discipline at our school. We have learnt how to conduct ourselves in accordance with the tradition of the school.

    Our school has a library which is housed in a big hall. We spend some time in the library everyday reading books, magazines and newspapers.

    We have a science laboratory where we make experiments with the help of our science teachers. In addition to all these, we have a science club, a social study club, a cultural club and a sports club where we are given necessary training under the guidance of our teachers.

    There is a big hall in our school. Here we have the portraits of the renowned headmasters who were the crowning glories of the school in the past. They inspire us immensely and make us feel proud of the hoary rich traditions of our school.

    The school has a big hostel where the N. R. Scholars put up. It provides opportunities for the academic, cultural, and physical growth of the boarders.

    The pupils of our school always win prizes, shields and medals in debate competitions, in science exhibitions and also in sports meets.

    The results of our school at the U.P. scholarship, N.R.T.S. and HSC examinations have always been outstanding.

    Our school has produced a host of eminent personalities like Barrister Madhusudan Das and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose who made their mark at the national and international levels.

    Our school has a glorious heritage. I am proud that I belong to such a school which is the oldest and best of all schools in our State.