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My home is where I was born and bred.  

It is sweeter than anything on earth. I live under heaven with my God. This God is kind to all of us. 

I breathe the fresh air here. My fields feed me with their golden grains. My forests give me fuel in winter and shade on hot days, I also get fruits to eat. 

Pure honey is got from the forest. It is sweeter than Bazar honey. I eat my bread sweated in this honey. 

I drink fresh water from the streams. 

I bath in the river flowing by. 

The men living near my home are dear to me. 

I have my parents, brothers, and sisters.

My father earns money and gives it to my mother. My wise mother runs the home skillfully. They love their children dearly. I love my little brothers and sisters. 

I have a happy home. I am proud of my happy home. I love it more than my life. All should love their home.